Every woman should know about safe sex

Sex strengthens the bonding with the partner. But when you or your partner are careless during sex, it can also cause many problems. Unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases can affect one's love. That's why the need for safe sex increases even more. Safe sex not only prevents unwanted pregnancy. Rather it also protects you from sexually transmitted diseases. At a time when cases of sexually transmitted infections are increasing, you should be more aware of safe sex. Here an expert is telling some important tips for safe sex.

Especially young boys shy away from having sex by wearing condoms during sex. Well it is their wish to use condom or not. Although the fun of sex comes from wearing a condom, still some men want to have sex without a condom. That's why we are giving tips for men having sex without condom here. With the help of these sexual tips, it can help to have a safe relationship even without a condom.

Every woman should know about safe sex

Sex is not just fun, it is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin, which improves mood. It has been proven in many studies that regular sex can improve heart health. By reducing stress and depression, it also strengthens self steam. It can also help with better sleep."

Every woman should know about safe sex

But safe intercourse is very important for the protection of overall health. Let's know from his recent Instagram post, essential tips for safe intercourse

Use Condom

Often men do not want to use condoms. Condoms seem like a bondage to them. They may give you the excuse that they will get the ejaculation out of the vagina in time, so a condom is not necessary. Is the use of condoms used for safe sex only to prevent unwanted pregnancy? The answer is no. Apart from this, condom also helps in preventing many types of diseases like STD, HIV etc. When we talk about condoms, we forget to mention female condom. Although the female condom is not very popular, but you should know how to use it. Female condom is set in the vagina which gives protection from unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

Use of lubricants

The use of lubricant during sex not only increases your pleasure but also protects you from any kind of wound that occurs during sex. The dryness of the vagina (which can happen due to many reasons) and the use of lubricant during anal sex is very important.

Although it is advisable to use condoms during sex, which itself contains lubricants. But if you are having sex without condom then definitely use lubricant. Must use condom during anal sex. This way you will be protected from infection. Hire call girls in indore for sexual enjoyment.


Safe sex is important for everyone. Men should wash their penis thoroughly with water after ejaculation to avoid infection. Along with this, men should urinate only after about 15 minutes after ejaculation. On the other hand, it is the opposite with women, they are advised to urinate immediately after intercourse. After this, your genitals should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water.

Apart from this, wash your hands thoroughly before sex. Your nails should be cut and well cleaned. Keep in mind that even a small cut can increase the risk of STD transmission. Both men and women should keep these things in mind. Along with this, men should also wear condoms and have sexual intercourse so that semen does not fall out. Often many men like to have sex without a condom, due to which semen sometimes falls on the woman's body, so clean it immediately.

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