4 Best Tips for better sex life

When two people love or are in a relationship, they want their relationship to be deeper and stronger. For this they give gifts to each other and give their time. But only by giving gifts and time, the relationship does not deepen, but for this you have to express your love openly. One of the ways to show love is to have sex. Which couples do according to their own. And also enjoy it. But the couple does not find themselves satisfied. So why not try some remedies of Kamasutra in such a situation. Here are some such simple ways to learn from Kamasutra (Sex tips from kamasutra) which can make bed time the best time for both of you.

You should keep in mind while having sex that both of you are completely ready for sex, you should not force your partner in any way. If you are ready then both of you should support each other.

Foreplay is important

You should always keep in mind that you have to excite your partner before having sex. So that they also support you to enjoy sex. For foreplay you hug your partner, touch her lovingly, touch all those parts of her here she gets more excited. If you want, you can also massage with any of this essential oil.

Kiss is important

Kissing your partner is very important. Because the touch of your lips creates excitement in your company. Kissing should always be done comfortably because by kissing, the male partner gets excited very quickly and is in a hurry to have sex, due to which he is not able to satisfy his partner. You can kiss on your partner's whole body, so that your partner goes into the erogenous zone and you will be able to give them the ultimate pleasure of sex.

Women get many orgasms

According to the Kamasutra, women can have multiple orgasms while having sex and can have sex even after having an orgasm. But once the male partner gets orgasm then their energy level goes down due to which they do not continue with the sex. So it is necessary that the male partner should first reach his partner to orgasm and then achieve his own orgasm.

Women should also cooperate

Women should also stimulate their partner while having sex. You can use your fingernail and voice to do this. Apart from this, you can turn off or reduce the light to enjoy sex more.

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