How to have safe sex, know about 6 effective methods

Sex is a natural need of man. But whenever having sex, keeping in mind all the aspects of sex, sex should be done in a safe way. By having sex in a safe way, it not only protects you from sexually transmitted diseases, but also protects you from unwanted pregnancy. So let's know about some effective and popular ways of having safe sex.

Use a condom

Condoms are considered to be the best way to practice safe sex. Condoms not only protect you from unwanted pregnancy, but also protect you from infections, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is better to use a lubricated condom during sex. Lubrication not only prevents the condom from breaking, but also makes it easier to use. Wear only one condom at a time, do not make the mistake of wearing two condoms. Often men start having sex wearing 2 condoms which is wrong.

Discharge method

Some couples also adopt such a method for safe sex, in which the male partner does not discharge inside the vagina at the time of orgasm and discharges outside. Although this method is not very secure. Because sometimes men do not understand in moments of excitement that semen has come out on the tip of their penis, which can contain sperm, and if it falls inside the vagina, it can also possibly lead to pregnancy. Discharging outside the vagina completely depends on the boy, as soon as the semen is about to come out, take your penis out of the vagina a little before that and shake it with the hand and the semen can be sold.

Use of birth control pills

If you are taking contraceptive pills as a method of birth control, never forget to take them. It is important to take birth control pills regularly at the same time each day. If you ever miss a pill on one day, take two pills together on the next day. Then keep taking pills regularly again. Often young girls have sex with their boyfriend but do not pay attention to safety, due to which the sperm goes into their vagina and their risk of getting pregnant increases.

Using lubricant during sex

Many men are in a hurry just in the affair of intercourse. They forget about lubricants during this time. There is dryness in the genitals, even after which they start having sex. With this, spit is applied on the vagina of the girl, due to which the vagina becomes wet. If you use a condom, the latex on it acts as a lubricant. That's why those without condoms should use lubricant. Using this, they can lubricate the genitals. Apart from this, know about other types of Sexual Wellness Products. This can also help in having a healthy sex life.

Have oral sex

Oral sex is a safer and better way to have sex without a condom. Although flavored condoms should be used for oral sex as well, but this work can be done without condoms as well. Often men start sucking their partner's penis without condom. There is a risk of infection due to this. Wear a condom on the penis before having oral sex. Don't do oral sex during vaginal and anal sex, and if you want to do it then definitely change the condom.

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